We're the crazy ones united by our passion for advertising, visual effects and design.

Morris E.

CEO & VFX-Supervisor

business / visual effects


Creative Director

concept / creative direction


Administrative Assistant

office management / production


Key Account Manager
// Vienna

account management

announced soon

Artist / TD

3D animation,  simulation, tech

announced soon

/ CG

2D- & 3D-motion-design, CG

announced soon


compositing, visual effects

50+ Artists /

We have a remarkable selection of talented artists and producers. So we can provide our clients the best result in every sector.


we worked with / provided services through agencies.


The History of THE RENDERERS goes back to 2013. Morris loved the task of presenting products at the arts- & design-school he was attending at the time (Ortweinschule for product-design & -presentation). Therefore he was deeply interested in 3D-rendering, film, graphic design and marketing. While learning all the technical-knowledge by himself, he started creating renderings, vfx and motion designs for some projects and companies. To gain more experience, he did an internship at a media house "MMMMR" and got a foothold in the advertising industry. The combination of his immense enthusiasm and the recognized demand, Morris had the idea of founding a visual production company specialized in mixing real and virtual content - so THE RENDERERS was born.

In 2015, Dominik joined for creating videos and ad concepts. We settled into a film studio coworking space "AVBaby" where we learned a lot about studio production, lighting, etc.. In 2018, we moved to a small office at Nikolaiplatz. We were known as the office "where the light was always on" because of our 24/7 work mentality. In 2019, the company was re-registered to a KG (limited partnership). 2020 was crazy as we all know but we grinded through it and gained even more momentum. We moved to our current office and the team grew. In 2021 Benedikt took over Dominik's part and came on board as a creative director. The Team has become bigger, more high class and also more international with additional account managers and partners.

"I have to say, it was immensly hard to come to this point - learning all the highly technical skills, marketing, project management, economics, ... , living with as little sleep possible and sailing through rough seas at the same time. But it is woth it! I'm really excited about our future adventures!" - Morris


Our focus is to be a well trusted partner in advertising and content production. We provide visually stunning imagery with precise execution. Quality will always be no.1 priority! Our partners also value our collaborative business model, so other production companies or agencies ask us for help in pre-prodouction, on-set and post-production.

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